If you want to support me or gain full access to my generator tools, this is the link for you!

The Customizer

All information about my customizer, the tool that lets you create your own individual 3D models.

The Generator Suite

All information about my generator suite, a collection of useful tools for terrain and model customisation.


Most of my free 3D models are on Thingiverse where I have been active since 2014.


Since some 3D models may not be available on thingiverse (some files are too large or technical problems with thingiverse), I also have an account here. If you're looking for something an you can't find it on thingiverse, check Cults3D.


PrusaPrinters is my third platform where I offer my free 3D models.


Follow me on Instagram to see updates and my current work.


On Youtube, I have tutorials on how to use my tools and live modeling videos where I show you how I create my models.


Follow me on Facebook to see updates and my current work.


My shop! For everyone not having a 3D printer, this is your option to still obtain 3D printed stuff.

Udo's 3D World

My basic homepage - everything you need to know about me.