Udo's Generator Suite

Tools for your own individual designs


The generator suite unites a lot of different tools that can be of big use for any tabletop wargamer, rpg enthusiast and also 3D designers. The tool can be split up in two different parts. The first part consists of the natural structure generators, like generators for wood, stone, water and much more. The second part is aimed more on the tabletop wargamers with handy tools to create your individual banners, flags or bases. You can also find more complex tools here like the terrain or legs generator that let you create whole terrain pieces with just some clicks or compose individual leg models.

Getting Started

The installation of the generator suite is quite easy but some steps need to be done to fully use the software.

The different available generators


If you want to publish a model made from existing parts (e.g. in the legs generator), please make sure that the license of all source files allows this! Paid models usually do not permit this. Models created with the generator suite, if not created from libraries, are available for commercial use. Make sure to have the correct patreon level for this. If you create models with the generator, make sure to add the "Created with Udo's Generator" badge to the images.