Udo's Generator Suite

Tools for your own individual designs


The generator suite unites a lot of different tools that can be of big use for any tabletop wargamer, rpg enthusiast and also 3D designers. The tool can be split up in two different parts. The first part consists of the natural structure generators, like generators for wood, stone, water and much more. The second part is aimed more on the tabletop wargamers with handy tools to create your individual banners, flags or bases. You can also find more complex tools here like the terrain or legs generator that let you create whole terrain pieces with just some clicks or compose individual leg models.

Getting Started

The installation of the generator suite is quite easy but some steps need to be done to fully use the software.

  • - To get full access to the generator suite, you need to become a patron here: https://www.patreon.com/Udos3DWorld

  • - Download the generator suite from Patreon post (it's not a link but an attachment at the bottom of the post) and extract it to a folder of your choice.
  • - Start the .exe file and enter the access key from the Patreon post.
  • - Choose the tool you want to use and start creating your first model! If you are a bit overwhelmed with all the options, ignore everything you're not sure about. All tools are already filled up with default values that can already be used to create your first model.

The different available generators

  • Wood Floor Generator

    Generate any kind of wooden floor, bases, planks, and many more to fill your next hobby project with your individual wood structures. Youtube Introduction

  • Wood Beam Generator

    Generate any kind of wooden beams to increase the range of the Wood Floor Generator into the third dimension. Youtube Introduction

  • Stone Floor Generator

    Create different patterns of stone floor for your designs, as bases or as a dungeon. Youtube Introduction

  • Stone Generator

    Create any kind of round or cuboid stones. Useful to create walls, barricades, houses or natural stone terrain.

  • Scrap Metal Generator

    Create any kind of distorted metal plates and pillars. Youtube Introduction

  • Terrain Generator

    Create any kind of ruins or buildings from given libraries. Youtube Introduction

    You can find some suitable libraries here:

  • Water Generator

    Create a water surface structure. Useful as bases for ships or water creatures, or even as walls or "randomized" texture.

  • Mesh Distorter

    Take any mesh and add wavy or sharp structures to it, like for stone, water and more natural structures.

  • Tudor Frame Generator

    Create walls for your fantasy houses and build your own city for your rpg table. Youtube Introduction

  • Roof Beams Generator

    Create all the wooden beams that belong below a roof.

  • Roof Generator

    Create a roof for your fantasy house. Uses mostly the wood floor generator.

  • Image to Mesh

    Take any image and create a 3D model from it.

  • Banner Generator

    Take any image and not only create a 3D model, but a whole banner. Youtube Introduction

  • Shoulder Pad Generator

    Like the banner generator but for shoulder armour. Youtube Introduction

  • Flag Generator

    Also like the tools above, generate a wavy flag and apply (if you want) an image to it. Youtube Introduction

  • Legs Generator

    Select from existing leg libraries and pose your own individual leg models. Adapt single parts to have even more individual legs! Be aware that depending on what models you download or create for your legs generator, the license of the 3D model applies and not the general license for the generator suite. Youtube Introduction

    You can find some suitable libraries here:

  • Mesh Modifier

    Take any mesh and append an image to it. Works with flat and also cylindrical or spherical surfaces. Youtube Introduction

  • Mesh Appender

    Take any mesh and append other meshes to the surface. Youtube Introduction

    You can find some suitable libraries here:

  • Base Generator

    Create any base and add a custom text to it, or just create the name plate. Youtube Introduction. Youtube Introduction


If you want to publish a model made from existing parts (e.g. in the legs generator), please make sure that the license of all source files allows this! Paid models usually do not permit this. Models created with the generator suite, if not created from libraries, are available for commercial use. Make sure to have the correct patreon level for this. If you create models with the generator, make sure to add the "Created with Udo's Generator" badge to the images.